sweet face,

you've been such a positive light in my life. thank you for all that you do to keep me and those around you loved and appreciated. i'm forever grateful that i have someone like you to remind me that i am deserving and capable of love and happiness. you are and will always be my special person, my protector, my source of strength and sanity, and my reason for beliving in soulmates. that there is such thing as true love.

my goal was to spoil you in the best way i knew how, not by showering you with gifts necessarily, but showing you and reminding you of how truly loved you are. i hope to not only do this for years to come on your special day, but every other day in between.

i hope these gifts bring a smile to your face, the smile that i've continued to fall in love with every time i see it. happy birthday, baba.

baby eyes